Emily Williams

Chocolate: Not Just for Dessert

Click on the photos to view the stories.  In the words of Remus Lupin: “Eat it. It’ll help.” So often, chocolate is reserved for dessert, but we argue that it’s okay to break out the candy bars before dinner. It’s better than okay. It’s delicious and simple and rich. So, give it a try. Have a suggestion or need some guidance on that promise to make a home-cooked meal for two? Email with your comments, questions and culinary...

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Oxford taxi driver accused of assault files to suppress evidence

An Oxford taxi driver accused of sexually assaulting two Miami students has filed motions to suppress evidence that his attorney says was seized illegally. Jackson is also motioning to have two separate trials. Sherman Jackson, owner of Sherman Safe Rides taxi service, allegedly assaulted two female students over a two-night period from the early morning of Dec. 8 to the morning of Dec. 9. The 37-year-old was indicted on three counts of felony rape and three counts of sexual battery in the Butler County Court of Common Pleas on Dec. 19. Sherman has pleaded not guilty to the charges. In the motion, filed Feb. 1, Sherman’s attorney, Christopher Pagan of Repper-Pagan Law, Ltd., argued that the Oxford Police’s search and seizure of Sherman’s vehicle on Dec. 9 was unlawful and, therefore, that any evidence produced by the search was illegally obtained. Officers towed Sherman’s car from his property and demanded his keys, later seizing clothing, keys, a Bluetooth device, an iPod, cash, account ledgers, business cards and advertising materials for Sherman’s taxi and lawn care businesses from the car, the motion states. The seizure was prompted by an interview with Jackson earlier that day, after which a warrant was granted, but the warrant did not authorize the search and seizure of Jackson’s vehicle, the motion claims. In a second motion, also filed on Feb. 1, Jackson requested two separate...

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North Main Cocoa

This chocolatey cocktail gets its name from the cozy Oxford house where it was created. It has no house sign and worn wood floors and is usually lit by Christmas lights because the overhead kitchen light has burned out — the perfect place to duck inside for a drink. The cocoa will keep you warm, and the brandy will keep you warmer. Take the measurements as suggestions, and find the proportions you like best. Heat a cup of milk on the stove, preferably whole milk or two percent. Add hot cocoa mix as directed and stir, removing the milk...

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Simple Chocolate Truffles

Ingredients: Semisweet chocolate chips, heavy cream, cocoa powder You worked hard on that steak. It wasn’t your cheapest dinner, either, so keep dessert simple and make it ahead of time. Bring about one cup of heavy cream to simmer in a saucepan. In another bowl, measure out about two cups of semisweet chocolate chips. Once the cream is heated, pour it over the chocolate chips. Stir immediately, mixing until the ganache is thick and smooth. Lick the spoon. (That’s not part of the recipe, it’s just delicious.) Put the ganache in the freezer for a couple hour, or until...

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Balsamic & Chocolate Glazed Carrots

Ingredients Whole carrots Olive oil Coarse salt Thyme Balsamic vinegar Dark chocolate Honey Carrots are rarely craved. But with just the tiniest bit of chocolate ― a couple squares from a bar of extra-dark — these vegetables can go from a pleasant vehicle for Vitamin A to a rich, tangy side dish that won’t go unnoticed alongside your steak. Rinse and peel a bag of whole carrots, or maybe two bags. You might think one bag of carrots is more than enough, but once you start eating the finished product, you’ll be surprised how quickly they disappear. Cut the...

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