Emily Williams

Oxford City Council Debate

The Miami Student hosted its first-ever Oxford City Council debate Wednesday, Oct. 18 in Wilks Theater. Eight of nine candidates vying for four open spots on the city’s council lined the stage to answer questions about Oxford’s most pressing issues. Attended by community members, faculty and Miami students, the forum brought together many of the community’s stakeholders to talk town-gown relations, local business, environmental concerns and more. The debate was hosted and moderated by Miami Student staffers including Emily Williams, Editor-in-Chief, Jack Evans, Managing Editor and Jake Gold, Assistant News...

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Former MUPD officer convicted for sexual imposition, abduction

Former Miami University police sergeant Dustin Young was found guilty of gross sexual imposition and abduction after groping a female co-worker and trying to coerce her to have sex with him. Judge Michael A. Oster declared Young not guilty of two other felony charges — one count of kidnapping and a second count of abduction — on Friday, Oct. 13. Young declined to be tried by a jury, opting for a bench trial. Judge Oster heard testimonies in court on Tuesday and Wednesday last week, including testimony from the alleged victim, said Kelly Heile, assistant prosecutor for Butler County. The 36-year-old former officer worked at the university for 15 years before he was forced to resign after a university investigation found he was likely guilty of sexually harassing a female dispatcher. Young was first put on administrative leave with pay Nov. 22 after a co-worker filed a complaint against him. In a Dec. 23 memo from Miami’s Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity (OEEO), director Kenya D. Ash wrote that the OEEO found Young had “more likely than not” violated the university’s policies surrounding sexual harassment. According to the memo, MUPD chief John McCandless told OEEO that a female dispatcher reported Young had assaulted her three times. In a Nov. 30 interview with OEEO, the alleged victim described how Young had groped and sexually harrassed her while at work. She...

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Q&A: One year later with Miami President Crawford

Throughout his first-year, Miami and Oxford have gotten well acquainted with Gregory Crawford, Miami’s 22nd president, and his wife and university ambassador, Renate. We know we’ll see him at sporting events, concerts and club functions. We often spot him biking around campus. We know he’s embraced using the phrase “love and honor” since his first day. We know even his new dog, Ivy. In his first year, Crawford had the opportunity to celebrate his inauguration in Millett Hall and his first graduation ceremony at Yager Stadium, travel to Oklahoma to participate in the Miami tribe’s Winter Gathering and cram...

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Outside Oxford: Rabbits ‘Intrude’ on Hamilton sculpture park

The bunnies dot the grassy lawn atop Pyramid Hill. Some lean back, relaxed, their droopy ears flopping on the ground. Others stand tall on their hind legs, reaching up with their curious noses, sniffing the leaves of the trees. The park is their playground, and they can be spotted across the hill, exploring, enjoying the calm and misty environment. These bunnies aren’t small and furry, however. They’re massive, inflated, and illuminated. They’re also part of one of the most highly acclaimed public art installations in the world. “Intrude” is a spectacle-sized work consisting of five inflatable rabbits that are...

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Day tripper: A guide to Indianapolis

At just shy of a two-hour drive from Oxford, Indiana’s capital city is a great bet if you’ve been procrastinating on your Fall Break travel plans. If youstay longer than a day, there are plenty activities to fill your weekend, but if your time and money are limited, you can still make a day trip worth your while. Not including gas, this whole itinerary will cost you about $50. 9:00 a.m.: Hit the road No need to wake up at the crack of dawn for this trip. Make a coffee stop (see Roadtrip Recommendations), cue up a couple podcasts...

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