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Outside Oxford: Dayton’s Oregon District

Dayton’s Oregon District is usually known for its nightlife, but the historic part of town is also worth an afternoon visit. It’s a Saturday or maybe a Sunday. Hopefully, it’s drizzling, because no other weather will feel more natural when you duck into Neon Movies for a matinee. The independent movie theater has only two screens, so your options are limited, but you’ll likely catch a film that hasn’t appeared on the marquees of your average first-run cinema. In the next week, that might mean a flick about a femme fatale falling in love in Liverpool in 1978, or...

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Three sexual assaults reported last week

Two female Miami University students reported to Oxford Police that they were sexually assaulted by men they know. Both assaults, which are unrelated, occurred off-campus on Sunday, Feb. 25.   One student reported that she was assaulted by a man she met at an Uptown bar. She told police that she did not remember what happened during the evening and woke up at the man’s apartment in the area of South College Avenue.   Another student reported that she was sexually assaulted in an apartment on the 0 block of North College Avenue. On Tuesday, Feb. 20, a male student reported that he was sexually assaulted at about 11 p.m. The assault occurred off-campus, but the student did not specify where. The student told police he met the male suspect using a dating app. Descriptions of the suspects are not available. Miami University posted notices about the assaults on the myMiami homepage. These three assaults were the first reports which the university shared with students this semester. Miami students who want to report a sexual assault can make their report to any campus security authority, including University Police (513-529-2222), Oxford Police (513-523-4321), the Office of Ethics and Student Conflict Resolution (513-529-1417), student organization advisers and athletic coaches. Survivors can also receive confidential support from Nora McVey (513-431-1111), Miami’s campus-based support specialist from the Butler County office of Women Helping...

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Miami Student hosting public safety forum

safetyforum-compressed The Miami Student will host a public forum, “City Matters,” at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 21 in Wilks Theater to discuss issues and possible solutions for the city’s health and safety challenges. The panel will be filled by a mix of health, safety and government officials from Miami University and the city of Oxford: Oxford City Manager Doug Elliot, city council member Mike Smith, Oxford Fire Department Chief John Detherage, Oxford Police Department Chief John Jones, Captain Ben Spilman of the Miami University Police Department, Miami University Dean of Students Mike Curme and Vice President for McCullough-Hyde...

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Board of Trustees approves $100 million in construction

Miami University’s Board of Trustees (BoT) approved $100.5 million worth of construction projects for the Oxford campus at its meeting Friday. This is the second round of major construction projects approved by the Trustees in recent months. At their December meeting, the Board submitted a Capital Improvements Plan to the state of Ohio, requesting $106 million for new construction over the next six years. As part of Miami’s Housing Master Plan, $70 million will be spent to renovate MacCracken, Richard and Porter Halls. MacCracken market will also be renovated in the process. More than $21 million will be spent...

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Court rules Miami may have discriminated against male student in sexual assault case

A federal appeals court has ruled in favor of a male Miami University student who claims the university discriminated against him when he was suspended for sexual assault. A three-judge panel on the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the student had presented “a reasonable inference of gender discrimination” in Miami’s disciplinary process. The decision, filed on Feb. 9, partially reverses a district court’s decision to dismiss several claims against Miami and university officials, while upholding several of the lower court’s dismissals. The case surrounds a September 2014 incident when the defendant and a female student, referred to in the case as John Doe and Jane Doe, engaged in sexual activity after both students had been drinking. Initially, the sexual activity was consensual, according to Jane’s statement, but she alleges that John continued to engage in non consensual acts after she had stopped consenting. However, John claims he was too intoxicated to remember what happened that night after Jane had gotten into his bed. Jane did not report John but discussed what had happened with her friends, one of whom reported it to their RA, who informed supervisors about the incident. An Administrative Hearing Panel heard the case on Oct. 7, 2014, and found John responsible for violating the university’s sexual misconduct policies. John was initially suspended from the university for eight months but, on appeal, his...

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