‘Beyond High Street’: Miami alum podcast

When David Schwab graduated from Miami in 1994, he knew he was going to miss High Street. All of his fond memories of college life seemed to culminate at this familiar meeting place. Years passed and each time Schwab returned to visit Oxford, he would drive back to the airport afterward, wishing for a better way to stay connected after leaving campus. About a year ago, Schwab thought of a creative way to do so and began to work on what become a podcast series called “Beyond High Street.” The name captures the nostalgia and connection any member of...

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Dance Theatre showcases students’ struggles

     The stage in Wilks Theater stood empty aside from soft purple and blue lights. A moment later it was bursting with artistic movements, monochromatic costumes and climbing piano music. Miami University Dance Theatre hosted its annual winter concert on December 2-3. The show included eight dances and a finale, choreographed by students, guest choreographers and directors. Each dance was distinctly different, though each artistically articulated some form of a journey. The pieces choreographed by students felt especially personal. The first piece, titled “Through it All,” which was choreographed by sophomore Sally Micsko, began with dim lights and...

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Pilot project aims to improve town-gown relations

About six years ago, Stephen Gavazzi was conducting a marriage family therapy session in Columbus when a strange idea occurred to him. The husband in the session was yelling at his wife about something she’d done before they were married. That argument reminded Gavazzi of the dysfunctional relations that often arise between colleges and college towns. “I thought to myself, ‘Oh, isn’t that interesting? Campus-community relationships are just like marriages.’” After that observation, he began to consider the details. Then, Gavazzi thought: “Wait a second — maybe there really is something there.” The idea resulted in the “Town-Gown Survey” survey which circulated around Oxford this month. Gavazzi, a professor of human development and family science at Ohio State-Mansfield, said that universities and towns across the country deal with the positives and negatives of being in close proximity to one another, just like couples do in marriages. “This whole model was built on that kind of epiphany experience,” Gavazzi said. “At the end of the day, it’s always about relationships.”   Gavazzi worked closely with two colleagues, Jeff Martin, a professor at Clemson University and Mike Fox, a professor at Mount Allison University in Canada, on some cursory work regarding town-gown relationships. “There’s one big difference between community relationships and marriages: in a town-gown relationship you can’t get a divorce,” Gavazzi said. “You’re stuck with each other, so why not...

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‘Gathering Blue’: A multi-layered mix of metaphors

The Center for Performing Arts’ main stage has created the image of a dystopian society through stone scenery accented with bits of grass and a ripped canvas ceiling. A group of kids from seven local middle and elementary schools join 17 Miami students in the Theatre Department’s upcoming performance of “Gathering Blue.” “We’ve created a world you can step into and recognize immediately,” said Jordan Gravely, senior and assistant stage manager of the show. “It was once this beautiful place and now it’s ruined, but there is still something beautiful that exists.” The play, adapted from the book written...

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Improv show hands out laughs for Halloween

Haunting hollow notes emulated from the speakers and dim lighting created a horror movie atmosphere in Pearson Hall, but the evening provided more treats than tricks. On Saturday, Oct. 28, Sketched Out Improv put on a improv comedy show, “The Improv of the Lambs.” The show title followed the group’s play-on-word tradition, this time playing on the classic horror film “Silence of the Lambs.” Despite it being Halloween weekend, the room was crowded — filled with students, parents, families and even a couple of Miami’s service dogs-in-training. One black lab, Nora, adorably exemplified the Halloween spirit in a skeleton costume. Though most audience members didn’t dress in costume, they shared enthusiasm for the evening. “I like that it gives you an option other than going Uptown and it gets you out of the dorms,” sophomore Sarah Kollins said. The show began with the actors running to the stage as the audience clapped along. For this particular performance, the actors dressed in a wide range of Halloween costumes, adding an amusing twist to their traditional show format. “I dressed up as Arthur Read,” first-year member Dee Dee Sperry said. “It was pretty last minute, but it was fun. I was tempted to whip out my library card, but I didn’t know if people would see it from the audience.” Host for the evening, senior Scott Lentz — dressed as Jughead...

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