Slice of Life: Pancake pandemonium

By Elizabeth Hansen, Assistant Culture Editor The aroma of fresh pancakes and hash browns swirls in the family room of the Armstrong Student Center. But it is not just the scent of potatoes and batter — it’s the scent of free food. Students line up for pancakes, grumbling that the strawberries are gone but still excited about the chocolate chips. High school seniors participating in the Miami Bridges Program whisper to each other, wondering if free college food is just a legend, or if they are actually witnessing the phenomenon. They decide it must be true as they scurry...

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Appropriation debate surges during Halloween, World Series

By Elizabeth Hansen, Assistant Culture Editor With the passing of Halloween and the recent World Series, which featured the Cleveland Indians and their controversial mascot, the topic of cultural appropriation has become a major conversation throughout America as well as on Miami’s campus. Students gathered in Upham Hall on Halloween night to discuss appropriation and how our generation can understand this ongoing debate. Leading the conversation was Amira Beasley, a senior Latin American and international studies double major. Beasley is a campus fellow for Diversity Abroad, an organization focused on connecting diverse students with international, educational and career opportunities....

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AJ Gatio: Chasing the dream from Oxford to Nashville

By Elizabeth Hansen, Assistant Culture Editor When AJ Gatio graduated from Miami in 2014, he wasn’t completely set on becoming a Social Studies teacher. He wanted to be a songwriter. “I realized I could get into teaching when I’m 30, 32 or 33 and nothing’s happened [with songwriting], but I can’t get my mid-20s back.  [I thought], if I’m gonna do this, this is going to be the only time I can do it,” said Gatio. So, after almost a year of contemplation, Gatio pulled the trigger and moved to Nashville. “I was scared as hell,” he said. “I...

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Zines: Tiny papers, big words

By Elizabeth Hansen, Assistant Culture Editor Carly Sentieri, the special collections librarian at the Wertz Art and Architecture library, was sifting through items that had not yet been catalogued when a small booklet caught her eye. Its print was faded from multiple photocopies, but the message was still visible. In her hands she held a list of demands from the students of the New University conference to Miami University. The publication date read 1969. “The society invades and corrupts the university in no way more visibly than by the draft or the threat of the draft and by the...

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Tourism brings income to Cuban farmers

This story was previously published in The Miami Herald’s In Cuba Today and can be found at By Elizabeth Hansen, Assistant Culture Editer HAVANA — Fields of fresh oregano, mint and garlic surround plant engineer Norma Romero Castillo as she speaks about the farming methods at Organopónico Vivero Alamar —an urban farm located in the heart of the Havana suburb Alamar. Behind her are bulls, getting prepared to carry a load of recently harvested crops. There is no buzzing of machines or rumbling of tractors — only the sound of the breeze and bulls clumping down the red dirt road. “I’m...

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