Duard Headley

MU Parkour: Overcoming physical and mental obstacles

The first thing most people picture when someone mentions parkour is people doing dramatic flips and scaling shear walls with ease. However, the president of Miami’s Parkour and Slacklining Club strongly believes that there is much more to the sport than what’s typically depicted in most YouTube videos.

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An evening aboard the Mystery Bus

There was an air of uncertainty hanging over the bus stop as I arrived outside of Shriver. This was the site from which the Miami Mystery Tour Bus would depart, but the amassed people, myself included, didn’t seem to know which of the various buses at the stop was ours.

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It’s a small world

As I step out of my dorm, a sharp gust of wind slaps me across the face. September has certainly set in, as it’s bitterly cold. I glance at my phone, pulling up the weather app, and the screen informs me that it’s an abysmal 51 degrees in Oxford. Sighing, I get on my bike, scrunch down into my jacket and head off to class.

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