International students asked to share their stories

Last Thursday, roughly 30 students, faculty members and university employees dotted the seats of Kreger 319, a spacious lecture hall. They’d gathered for a Graduate Students of All Nations event, a Mindfulness Week session led by Miami grad student Ancilleno Davis in which international students and faculty were invited to share stories of their experiences at Miami. Apart from Leno himself, very few international students were in the crowd. Notably absent were the authors of the stories, the very individuals Leno organized the event to feature. Though they were eager to write and share their stories, they ultimately didn’t...

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An ode to ‘It’

I have a hard time explaining my love of “It” to people. To most, Stephen King’s doorstop of a novel is simply “the one with the creepy clown.” Plagued by images of Tim Curry’s terrifying portrayal of Pennywise the child-devouring jester in the 1990 TV movie, they write off the book as just another macabre product of King’s maniacal imagination. They won’t listen to my insistence that it’s really about much more than Pennywise and his predatory games. Trust me, it really is. I first read the book at my family’s summer cabin in Maine on a stormy day,...

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Battle of the Bagels

Something about the new restaurant in Armstrong seemed uncomfortably familiar. It serves sandwiches — bagel sandwiches, to be exact. Bagels sliced in half and filled with an assortment of meats, eggs, veggies, cheese and sauces. The Toasted Bagel, in effect, was a new version of Bagel and Deli, the popular late-night Uptown establishment home to such famed dishes as the Get Swanked and the meatball-heavy Squid. I’m no stranger to B&D. If it weren’t for my tendency to opt for the same two or three bagels every time I go, by this point in my Miami career I probably...

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Breaking the routine in NYC

I was exhausted as I made my way across the main floor of Grand Central Terminal, awkwardly pushing through the bustling throng of New Yorkers in my path. Navigating the station’s chaotic rush-hour foot traffic had become an annoying, yet necessary, part of my morning routine. In my three months in this city, I’d adopted the aggressive tunnel vision essential to survival on the concrete streets of the Big Apple. Just get from point A to point B, the city seems to scream at you. Don’t get in anyone’s way. Don’t smile. If there’s a homeless person in your...

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Have you seen this?

Six cultural touchstones you may have missed… From their first visit to campus, students hear about the same set of traditions. Don’t step on the seal. Rub the turtle heads for good luck. Kiss your soul mate under Upham Arch. But a school is more than the sum of its most popular rituals. What does it truly mean to be a Miami student? What moments comprise the Redhawk experience? No two students are the same — part of what makes college great is the freedom it provides every individual to explore and flourish, to discover who they are and...

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