Walking on eggshells: Being an atheist in a religious society

Connor Moriarty, Photography Editor Almost 14 billion years ago, all mass and energy that constitute the observable universe expanded from a state of tremendously high density, marking the beginning of time. But how did that energy exist in the first place? What was before the beginning? It is a question that has been asked for centuries, and scientists just don’t know. And that excites the heck out of me. Mysteries, confusion, questioning, doubt, discovery — all words that label scientists. Living life at the drawing board, the unknown, feeling discontent with finality, hoping to be proved wrong because of...

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Photo Story | Oxford in the a.m.

“In Oxford, the break of day is trumpeted not by a rooster’s crow, but by the roar of half a dozen Rumpke garbage and recycling trucks rumbling down the red bricks, washing away the evidence of what was yet another night of citywide partying. It’s six o’clock on a Friday morning and at no other time does Oxford sound and smell more like a crowded metropolitan area than it does now. The stench of garbage — a mixture of stale beer, rotting Skyline chili and an assortment of bodily fluids — permeates the air surrounding Oxford’s now quiet bars...

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Photo Story | Midnight Dough

“Most of the world operates when I’m sleeping.” Joshua Francis opened Oxford Doughnut Shop 11 years ago. He grew up in Oxford, went to Miami, then opened the shop; he never left.  Doughnuts are his life, they filled a void in his life that needed filling. Every night he is in the kitchen, mixing dough, frying doughnuts and drizzling icing, alone, into the early morning. “You start talking to yourself when you’re here by yourself all night,” he said. But a decade after opening his doors, Joshua’s love of doughnuts has only grown. He enjoys welcoming guests to his kitchen...

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Humans of Oxford | Kyle Harris

“I really enjoy the time that I’ve spent dancing. Especially coming from someone who’s musically inept and completely uncoordinated, dancing should be something I’m not really into, but it’s something that I’ve taken up during my time...

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