A ‘Not Very funny’ debut

The lights went down in Armstrong’s Wilks Theater, and only the stage was lit with a lone microphone in the center. Members of the audience murmured as they waited for the show to begin. “It’s so nerve-wracking.” “I know anything up there won’t make me laugh as hard as anything he says in person.” Not Very Funny’s fall show was about to begin. Mackenzie Maguire, the club’s president, and Ben Wolkoff, treasurer, walked on stage to applause and cheers from the audience. The crowd may have been small, but they were anything but quiet. Not Very Funny is a stand-up comedy club that was founded two years ago. Tuesday night, they held their first show of the school year. Eleven comedians performed, two of them first-timers. The organization holds meetings to work on group set work, and edit and critique individuals’ set material. Maguire and Wolkoff introduced each performer and often headed out into the audience between sets to ask questions or make jokes, earning giggles and shouts from the crowd.  As each performer stepped up to the microphone to their own walk-up music, the audience clapped and screamed their names. The jokes covered everything from dogs to drinking, serial killers to basic white girls, bike riding to food allergies. They walked, shouted, ran, jumped, danced across the stage and laughed along with the audience. Watching the performers from...

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Humans of Oxford: Selena Pickett: Self-taught pianist

It’s 5:30 a.m. and Selena Pickett’s alarm has just gone off. She rolls out of bed. Drowsily, she gets ready for the day — making her bed, getting dressed and fixing breakfast in her chilly dorm room. But she has one morning routine that many others don’t: she practices piano. As a psychology major and criminology minor, Selena plans on heading to law school after graduation. But that isn’t her sole focus. If she had a choice, there is another dream job she’d rather have: musician. Selena entered her first singing competition at age 10. Then, when she was...

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