Humans of Oxford: Doug and Kathy: They don’t even go here

For Doug and Kathy Jenkins, thinking of what they love about each other is simple. “He has the best sense of humor.” “Her tennis game! She’s good. Scary good.” They smile at each other in a way that only couples who have been together for decades do — it’s a smile that says there’s history here. Neither Doug nor Kathy attended Miami University, yet they could still be found at Charter Day Ball. Their daughter Allison was co-chair of decorations for the event, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to support her. They met at Lambeau Field during...

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Miami Alumni Connect to grow MU network

Miami University’s Alumni Association launched Miami Alumni Connect, an online mentorship program, in January. The new program aims to grow the Miami network through mentoring and other purposeful connections between alumni and current students. Miami Alumni Connect was designed with the help of J.J. Slager, Associate Director of Alumni Career Education and Development. Slager’s position was created in the fall of 2016 with the idea of providing more career opportunities for alumni. There was already a career advisor for career coaching, but they wanted to hire someone who could organize programming and develop career-related activities for alums. Some of the programming created under Slager includes monthly online events in the form of Facebook Lives and a program geared toward professional called Miami at the Merc, which is an after-work program in downtown Cincinnati that provides networking and a panel discussion on different topics each quarter. “But, the major thing I heard when I took over this role was people wanting mentorship,” Slager said. “So that kind of became my biggest project, figuring out how to set up mentorship for alums on both sides.” The alumni development team is often working with alumni to get them to donate money, Slager said, but they will sometimes say that they’re not in a good position to donate but would like to give back to Miami with their time. Mentorship, he said, would solve that need. “A...

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CNN London chief shares story

When Tommy Evans first began his career in journalism, he was just trying to get by in New York. He freelanced in order to pay the rent. Evans majored in political science and studio arts at the University of Rochester and earned a master’s in international politics at the University of London. But journalism, Evans said, is addictive. Today, Evans is the current vice president and London bureau chief of CNN. He oversees all newsgathering for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Evans spoke at Miami University on Monday evening in a Q&A on CNN’s role in news from...

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Pumpkin Palooza: A taste test of pumpkin spice treats and eats

It invades our lives every autumn. As a chill enters the air and the leaves turn vibrant red and golden brown, it creeps into our grocery stores, pops up unannounced in the most obscure aisles of our local Walmarts, inserts itself insidiously into every corner of society until it can’t be escaped, no matter how hard one might try. Pumpkin spice season is upon us once again, and as seems to be the case every year, it feels like it’s growing out of control, as marketers capitalize on the phenomenon by adding the undeniably delicious flavor into every conceivable...

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FSB professor wants to ‘be everything’

David Eyman is right-handed, but last summer he painted his entire deck with his left hand. Next year, he wants to do his whole house. He’s not a professional painter. He just likes a challenge. He’s been an industrial designer, co-owned a design studio, pitched business ideas “Shark Tank”-style, manufactured a line of products and worked as an executive coach. But students in the Farmer School of Business now him better as “Professor” — at least for now. “I think a lot of times, we’re told that we’re supposed to be doing one thing, and I never thought that...

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