A Friday night in the esports lounge

Sitting outside of Miami University’s King Library after dark on a Friday night, one can see all types of people headed Uptown for the night. However, amid the sea of people making the trek up slant walk, another group emerges. Instead of heading toward Uptown, this group makes a beeline for the library, straight to the back. The Esports lounge is located on the first floor of the library and can be seen from afar by the bright red wall surrounding it. Inside, the room is dark, mainly lit by the screens lining the perimeter of the room. State-of-the-art...

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Campus Climate Survey fails to gain response needed

The Campus Climate Survey closed on Nov. 3, after an extended deadline due to lack of participation. Despite the extended time, the survey only received a 24.2 percent response rate, making it ineligible for an official analysis. The survey was created to judge both the faculty and students’ perspectives of Miami’s campus climate, according to Denise Krallman, co-chair of the Campus Climate Working Group. “Campus climate is how we perceive our comfort level, our relationships with each other,” said Krallman. “It’s part of the experiences we have, and our relationships we have, and is a much broader perspective.” This...

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Safety forum calls attention to sexual assault on campus

Student leaders on Miami University’s campus discussed sexual assault on campus at a safety forum on Oct. 19 hosted by It’s On Us and ASG. Last week, Miami University held “It’s On Us Week,” a social movement created to raise awareness and fight against sexual assault on college campuses. Jackson Katz, a nationally renowned sexual violence speaker, kicked off the week with a lecture on Oct. 16 about gender violence in relation to men. The week continued with leadership and escalation workshops and concluded on Sunday, Oct. 22 with a walk to support survivors of intimate partner violence. “We...

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