Seeking an ‘authentic’ experience in Ireland

Trinity College is located in the middle of buzzing Dublin, Ireland, and is semi-regularly swamped with tourists ducking in to see the Book of Kells, or just for a quiet sit. Founded in 1592, the school features Victorian architecture influenced by other institutions such as Oxford (UK) and Cambridge. The grass is cut very low like a golfing green, and the library is the largest in Ireland. In the center of the walled buildings is a campus bar, where students can grab a cider and watch rugby on a massive field. Compared to Miami, where King Library was built...

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In 2016, independent cinema reminded us to get outdoors

By AJ Newberry, THE MIAMI STUDENT Last year, I really thought “Room” was gonna snag Best Picture. Its gentle camera techniques captured the broken-down body language of two individuals trapped in captivity, layering overwhelming moments of grief atop a hopeful outlook. I left the theater drained, but also with a desire to break free from the rooms in my life. The film reminded me of the awe one can feel when looking outward instead of forward, and discovering the world outside the boxes we put ourselves in. The Academy loves films that remind us of our perception, but understandably...

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