Adam Giffi, Senior Staff Writer

The university senate met Monday, Oct. 11 and passed a resolution to support associate professors in their quest to gain promotions to professor.

Last year, the senate passed a system where all associate professors received a major review on their performance every three years from their department, the dean and the provost.

This created too much paperwork and also forced those associate professors who were not interested in promotion to go through review, according to senate member Jeanne Hey, who also serves as the program director of international studies.

Hey brought the final motion before the senate to tweak the system and explained the change after the meeting.

“Now we’ve reduced that review system to only two required times in an associate professor’s third and sixth year,” Hey said. “The review only goes to the provost level at year six.”

After the sixth year review, a non-promoted associate professor will seek promotion and guidance on his or her own.

While senate passed the resolution, it is not made official until after the senate minutes are approved and there is a 10-class day lapse of time.

Hey elaborated on how this impacts the student body.

“To be honest, this has very little to do with students, but it’s good for Miami University and good for Miami students to have a productive faculty that is being promoted regularly not only to associate professor but to full professor as well,” Hey said.