Erin Fischesser

Oxford residents have three Asian restaurants to choose from with the recent opening of the Wild Bistro.

Oxford residents have many dining options, and with the opening of Wild Bistro there are even more Asian cuisine offerings in the city.

Phan Shin and China One have been in Oxford for many years, and the opening of Wild Bistro only introduces more competition in the Asian dining scene.

“It’s all about the atmosphere,” said Johnny Kou, general manager of Wild Bistro. “We’re a little more hip and classy.”

Kou said that the new restaurant is aiming to be a place that students can take their parents and dates.

Phan Shin Manager Yvonne Lin agreed with the importance of the setting in distinguishing a restaurant.

“We have a very different feel and different things to offer,” she said. “It’s a very homey place.”

Lin said that Phan Shin offers a large space for students and residents to come and hang out, whether they’re doing homework or meeting with friends.

“We’ve been here for over 23 years,” she said. “I think Wild Bistro will get a lot of attention because it is their grand opening, but I think we will both do well.”

Kou, however, said he believes that Wild Bistro will continue doing a lot of business well after the excitement of the grand opening has passed.

“We’ve already built up a group of regulars,” he said. “We’re not really worried about business dropping off because we’re new.”

Lin and Kou both said that their restaurants are different because of the unique menu items that they offer.

Lin said that competition is a good thing and thinks that both businesses will do well in the area, particularly with several of the changes Phan Shin plans to implement this semester.

“In the near future we are planning to add new dishes and a daily special,” she said.

Kou said that Wild Bistro will be able to compete with other Asian restaurants in Oxford because of its unique details.

“We feel like we’re different enough from the other Asian restaurants in Oxford,” he said.

Managers at China One were unavailable for comment.