Courtney Day

After using Associated Student Government (ASG) money to purchase food and alcohol, the Miami University Club of Fashion Design and Merchandising was placed on probation for event funding through spring 2011.

The alcohol purchase was a violation of both ASG and university policy, and food purchases are not permitted with ASG approved funding.

Event funding is budgeted by the university and supported by the general fee.

The random audits of about 18 student organizations marked the first time since 2007 the ASG audit subcommittee found organizations in violation of the rules.

“(Treasurer) Thomas (Foster) is the first treasurer to take auditing seriously,” Ferguson said.

Foster and the audit subcommittee of ASG’s funding committee proposed putting sanctions on the club.

Foster said prior to Tuesday, there was no precedent for this violation.

In addition to placing the club on probation, which will guarantee future audits, the subcommittee recommended the club repay the approximately $52 spent inappropriately by May 1 and the club’s funding be reduced for the next three cycles.

ASG voted to reduce the club’s funding by 25 percent for the next funding cycle and 15 percent for the two following.

Delta Sigma Pi was also found in violation for spending more than $300 of ASG funding on food purchases.

Steve Young, fraternity member, said the unauthorized use of funds was spent on a wing-eating contest for Farmer’s Cup, an annual event designed to bring together members of Delta Sigma Pi and other business fraternities.

“It wasn’t just to sit around and eat food,” Young said. “It was an activity.”

Alongside Young, Angela Lukic, president of Delta Sigma Pi, and Kyle Davis, vice president of finance, addressed ASG to formally apologize for the misuse of funds.

“We are fully prepared to pay back the money spent on wings,” Davis said.

Davis said he also supported the subcommittee’s recommendation to place the chapter on probation.

Davis requested the student senate vote in opposition to reducing future funding. Lukic said the funding is needed to send delegates to their national convention.

“We have to levy some kind of fee for this violation,” said Carson Cowles, off-campus senator.

Sean Jacobson, off-campus senator and audit subcommittee member, said, “It’s not a matter of us trying to go after an organization.”

Jacobson argued a precedent must be set that violations will not be tolerated.

After debate, ASG passed the recommendation, requiring repayment, a two funding cycle probation and a 15 percent funding reduction for one cycle. Based on the chapter’s record, this reduction will be about $450.