For the first time ever, Miami University’s Associated Student Government (ASG) voted not to approve the tier requirements of the Red Brick Rewards system, though student organization funding for the semester will not be affected.  

Red Brick Rewards — the system ASG uses to allot student organizations money by placing them in tiers — was implemented last year under the stipulation that senate would have to vote to re-approve it each semester.

At its meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 12, ASG declined to approve the tier requirements, with 16 senators for approving the requirements, 24 against and four abstentions.

Senators have until the end of the semester to approve the requirements, which means Red Brick Rewards is still in effect even though ASG did not approve the tiers.

Many senators said they voted against the tiers because the Diversity and Lanigan Funds — money available for programs that focus on promoting diversity of race, sexuality, ethnicity and thought — were only available to organizations in tier 3, the second-highest tier, meaning it was more difficult for organizations to apply for this funding.

The only change to the tier requirements in the proposal last Tuesday was an amendment to move diversity funding from tier 3 to tier 1, which would make it more accessible to student organizations.

At its meeting tonight, ASG will vote again on Red Brick Rewards. The only difference between this week’s proposal and the one denied last week is that diversity funding would be removed entirely from the tier system. This proposal was reviewed last week, and representatives from Student Activities were consulted, said Cole Hankins, speaker of senate.

Senate will also vote on whether to amend its standing rules so that any changes to the Red Brick Rewards system wouldn’t take effect until the following semester. If that proposal passes, all student organizations who have funding hearings this spring would be eligible for diversity funding.