At their meeting on Oct. 16, Miami University’s Associated Student Government (ASG) announced 0 percent cutbacks after their second round of funding hearings.

ASG’s funding and audit committee cited Red Brick Rewards as the reason for the lack of funding cuts. Red Brick Rewards is a program implemented last spring where student organizations are placed in tiers based on lists of required activities, and the tiers determine how much money they can request.

The hearings occurred Monday, Oct. 15 and were a chance for student organizations to obtain funding from ASG. Many of these groups had attended the first round of hearings in September but were told to return in a month because they did not have all of their club activities listed on the hub.

Approximately $153,000 in funding requests were approved unanimously by ASG.

This meeting also included the introduction of a new plan for promoting diversity and inclusion called CHALLENGE each other.

CHALLENGE is an acronym outlining the steps they plan to take to create a safer and more diverse environment within ASG. It stands for community building, hosting constituent concern tables, assess our community, liaison initiative, learning opportunities, encourage and engage in dialogue, no tolerance, glow with positivity and patience, and evaluate yourself.