George MacDonald, Assistant Director of Parking & Transportation Services

The parking appeals committee is compromised of up to 12 faculty/staff and up to 12 students who have no direct relationship with parking services. The committee meets twice per week to read the appeals and to determine the rulings. A student who appeals a citation will receive a written response of the determination of the committee. A student will receive one of the following four responses:

  • A.      Ticket Upheld/Appeal Denied
  • B.      Ticket Dismissed/Appeal Upheld
  • C.      Ticket Upheld/Fine Waived
  • D.      Ticket made into warning

Appeals must be received by the Office of Parking & Transportation Services within 10 days of being issued. The appeals committee encourages students to provide photos and other documentation that may assist in the outcome benefiting the student. The results of the appeals committee are final. Visit to appeal a citation or to review Miami’s parking rules and regulations.