Jennifer Schuman

The weekend’s third annual Canine Classic dog show was not only a place where owners got to show off their furry little friends, but also a place to benefit the local Okeana Animal Adoption Foundation.

Miami University’s Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE) fraternity hosted the event Saturday at the Oxford Community Park.

Kristin Segerson, vice president of public relation for Pi Sigma Epsilon, thought the strength of the event was how it involved both Miami and Oxford community members.

“We do a variety of service projects throughout the year and this was one of them,” Segerson said. “We wanted to give money to a local cause and we liked how it involved the community and Miami students.”

The fee for each dog to participate was $10, which resulted in about $250-$300 donated to the Okeana Animal Adoption Foundation located in Hamilton, Ohio.

In addition to the money directly from entrance fees, approximately $300 more was donated to the event through dog toys and treats from the Urology Group in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The group also received donations from Wal-Mart shoppers by advertising outside the store, and also from people passing by the event, according to Segerson.

Melissa Daley, a member of Pi Sigma Epsilon, didn’t have a dog of her own at Miami, so she borrowed one from the Animal Adoption Foundation.

“I went with my roommates to the Animal Adoption Foundation and got Coco, a chocolate mix lab, for the day in order to be my dog since my golden retriever, Emily, lives in Cleveland,” Daley said. “Coco won the award of best in breed.”

With many categories such as cutest dog, loudest bark, most obedient and best trick, any Miami student or Oxford resident was welcome to submit their dog into the show.

According to Segerson, the dog show had about 20 different participants compete with their dogs.

Miami junior Mandy Eckman, who is also part of Pi Sigma Epsilon, said she enjoyed the dog show and that the fraternity plans to coordinate another one next year.

“It was really fun, especially to hang out with members of the community that you don’t see while you’re on campus,” she said.

In addition, Eckman said the exposure to dogs was also exciting.

“(The dogs) were really cute,” Eckman said. “It was nice to be surrounded by dogs because when you’re at college you don’t get to spend much time with them.”

In the same respect, Miami first-year Joanna Wozniak, who attended the event uptown, said she also enjoyed watching the dogs perform.

“I stopped by Community Park for a little bit to watch the dogs,” Wozniak said. “They were all so cute, it was hard to choose which one won each category. It was definitely a great way to spend my Saturday afternoon.”

As an additional bonus to the show, the Oxford Police Department put on a special act. The policemen and their Canine Unit did a demonstration on tracking scents, launching attacks and obedience tricks.