I would like to take this opportunity to share personal knowledge of a congressional candidate with you. I was excited recently to find out that a man I have been privileged to know for the past 16 years was running for John Boehner’s 8th congressional district seat. This friend is Warren Davidson.

Throughout this time, I have known Warren to be a dedicated father, a successful, local business-man and a hard fighter for right over wrong. He is a former Army Ranger, a dedicated follower of God and a man of integrity, who believes that the founders of this country were correct in setting up a government based on truth, accountability and right decisions.

It seems extremely rare these days to find a genuinely good man who has the savvy and courage to enter the often-dirty business of politics. With so many disappointments in the political arena, especially over the last several years, what a refreshing thought to have a man of Warren’s integrity and caliber willing to step into the fray and fight for the common man, fighting for truth, justice and a government that is of the people, by the people and for the people.

I was surprised to find lying hate mail on my doorstep, telling me Warren is a bad guy who loves money over American jobs. My friends, don’t believe what you may hear from big-money people. If you knew him as I have come to know him and his family, you would be proud to vote for him and give him a chance to help turn this country around. Give Warren Davidson your vote and give him the opportunity to do right by the people of the United States and the 8th congressional district.


Roger Griffieth