David Dafoe, Miami University alum and founder of Flavorman (a beverage development company), recently donated $30.1 million to the College of Arts and Science (CAS). The money will go toward scholarships for high-need, high-ability students and is the largest donation CAS has ever received.

Dafoe’s gift is part of the Match the Promise scholarship program, which seeks to recruit students with financial need and provides them a scholarship for all four years at Miami.

The university seeks to create the strongest classes possible, so scholarship money is divided between diversity, student need and merit, Dean of CAS Christopher Makaroff said.  

“It’s a recognition that clearly affordability can be a barrier to attending a residential institution,” Vice President of Finance David Creamer said. “The more support we can make available for students who have financial need, the more we open those opportunities up, and so clearly a gift that is of this size will have a great impact in that area.”

The One-Stop Office said a specific plan has not yet been developed for deciding who will receive these scholarships or the amount allocated to each student.