Victoria Posmantur, For The Miami Student

McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital and Miami University are merging resources to create greater healthcare services for students.

After the assistant vice president of Health Services resigned this past February, Miami reviewed the current healthcare model and strategies of other universities to see what services and resources are most beneficial for students, according to Carole Hauser, senior director of human resources at Miami.

“Healthcare is becoming very complex, and the Student Health Center wants to serve all students’ needs, ” Hauser said. “After the assistant vice president of Health Services resigned, we had to decide whether to hire a replacement or outside expertise.”

After a third-party research study was performed regarding healthcare at Miami as well as other universities, Miami determined that their healthcare program was not benefiting the students as much as it could be, Hauser said.

“The Student Health Center previously used McCullough-Hyde’s X-ray technicians … a partnership with this hospital was just a natural fit,” Hauser said. “A medical director and practice coordinator from the McCullough-Hyde staff will work with Dr. Walter (Miami PhD and associate vice president of student affairs).”

Hauser described the medical director position in more detail.

“Dr. Shelly Naegele, Medical Director, will provide expertise in additional levels of quality assurance,” Hauser said. “This includes working alongside the doctors and nurse practitioners to review complex cases and make sure the needs of students are met.”

Hauser then gave more insight into the practice coordinator’s role.

“Janae Arno, a Miami graduate and practice coordinator, will make sure the administrative side runs smoothly, including a student’s ability to schedule appointments easily and having enough appointments for everyone to be served,” Hauser said. “Arno also works with billing and coding, confirming the university’s reimbursement from the insurance company that will help improve efficiency.”

Miami’s PhD and associate vice president of student affairs, Scott Walter, shared his enthusiasm about McCullough-Hyde assuming management of Student Health Services.

“I’m excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring,” Walters said. “Miami and Oxford are one in the same. We are one community that shares the same resources. This partnership will benefit the students, faculty, staff and community members.”

Sophomore Kyle Anderson, who was ill last semester with pneumonia and bronchitis, said he is thrilled to hear of the new partnership.

“When I was sick last year, I was very fatigued, which made it very difficult to commute back and forth between both treatment centers for consultations,” Anderson said. “It is great to hear that McCullough-Hyde and the Student Health Center are combining their resources to make a student’s experience more beneficial, informative and convenient.”