Editorial Editors, The Miami Student

The editorial board of The Miami Student feels that as a part of the effort to foster green initiatives on campus, Miami University’s first wind turbine stands as a great success story for the university as a whole.

Its construction represents a step in the right direction in many ways for Miami ecologically, economically, educationally, not to mention publicly.

As the turbine alone provides more than enough energy to power the Ecological Research Center, the extra electricity can then be sold to the power company, which helps to doubly justify its cost.

At the same time, the turbine benefits Miami’s public image as a green institution, since the school has recently dropped on the Sierra Club’s list of America’s greenest campuses and gained some accreditation from the sustainable Endowments Institute.

Because the data from the turbine will be recorded online, the promise of public accessibility and possibility for future research hints at a new frontier for education.

The turbine will provide a lasting opportunity for sudent research for the study of maintenence, efficiency, and output for wind energy systems. Although these benefits from the turbine may not be realized immediately, and the possibilty of a wind farm powering the entire university isn’t likely, the board hopes that the turbine signifies only the first of multiple initiatives towards the creation of a Green infrastructure for our univeristy.

The board believes such an accomplishment is indicative of the lasting impression students can have for the university, as well as further evidence that supporting student collaboration is a strong step toward fostering a more beneficial educational experience for everyone.

The board not only hopes this success encourages efforts toward making Miami a more green-oriented institution, but also that it signals a new trend in student initiatives improving our university.