Lauren Kiggins, For The Miami Student

Miami University’s a cappella groups reaffirm that invitationals are not solely for the athletes with their upcoming concert.

The Cheezies, Mergers, Misfitz, Remnants and Treble Makers, Miami’s five a cappella ensembles, are each inviting an a cappella group from another university to perform at Saturday night’s A Cappella Invitational.

Guest ensembles include: Exit 245 from James Madison University, Freshman Fifteen from Northwestern University, Buck That! from Ohio State University, Just Eve from Wittenberg University and Ten40 from Bowling Green State University.

The concept of a non-competitive, a cappella invitational formed last year when the Cheezies hosted and held a concert on campus with Exit 245.

Since, Miami’s Cheezies traveled to Virginia to perform on the home stage of Exit 245.

“The guys in Exit 245 are really similar to us [the Cheezies],” Adam Saxe, a senior member of the Cheezies, said. “These events have given us friends from across the country that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

“Other universities hold similar events, but on a much smaller scale,” Remnants senior Ryan Cosby said. “It’s fortunate that the university supports it.”

Each visiting ensemble will be performing a set of three to four pieces, while Miami’s groups will be selecting one piece to perform.

“Seeing the other groups gives me ideas as a music director,” Cosby said. “Whether it be new repertoire or arranging a new song, it sparks my imagination.”

The A Cappella Invitational concert will take place at 7:30 p.m. Saturday in Hall Auditorium. Tickets are available at the Shriver Box Office and online.