Samantha Callender, Staff Writer

With the implementation of a new virtual “Hub” for Miami University student organizations earlier this year, the Office of Student Activities and Leadership required that all organizations register and update their information on to the new site.

However, three student organizations that applied for funding failed to register their organization on The Hub by the deadline set.

As a consequence, Meghan Wadsworth, vice president of student organizations for Associated Student Government (ASG), said these three organizations have lost all of their funding provided by ASG. Furthermore, they are no longer recognized as an organization by the university.

The organizations that lost funding and recognition were Students For Life, Orthodox Christian Fellowship and the Comparative Education Club.

The ASG bylaws require each student organization to re-register each year, updating their information on the student activities website. In past years, ASG policy was to apply each through the student senate and be approved. Over time, it evolved into quick registration on the Student Activities website.

“This year, each organization was required to update their information by creating a profile on The Hub,” Wadsworth said.

Registration on The Hub was initially due Sept. 16, but the deadline was extended to Sept. 18. Organizations that failed to register by this date lost funding by ASG and recognition from the university as a student organization.

“We realize failure to register may have been due to not delegating a specific person to register and not checking up on it. The Hub is new and something they probably never heard or knew much about,” Wadsworth said.

While the three unfunded and unrecognized student organizations cannot register on The Hub until second semester funding hearings, ASG is assisting them in finding alternate ways in which they can continue to advocate their cause and stay relevant on Miami’s campus. 

“I suggest collaboration with other groups on campus who have the same interests. Also, seeking funding through other avenues, such as the Parent’s Fund for their endeavors,” Wadsworth said.

One club is continuing their membership and continuing to be active on campus.

Aimin Wang, adviser to the Comparative Education Club (CEC), said, “We still have active membership. It’s just frustrating because we’re working with no funds, so some events and speakers are having to be cancelled. It was just all very confusing, and now we are struggling a bit.”

Wang also said the CEC is looking to find funding through some of the resources suggested by ASG, in addition to collaborating with other organizations for events and speakers.

In the future, Wadsworth recommended that groups pay attention to deadlines and review ASG bylaws when it comes to funding and registration issues.