By Srinivas Krishnan

To the editor:

Thank you for your role in bringing awareness to the various initiatives available in our Miami community.  

I request you highlight a couple of points.

1.The mission of the project focused on a cultural Immersion in India.  This allowed members of Global Rhythms Orchestra (comprising members of Miami University Symphony Orchestra) to be part of diverse musical exercises held in Chennai, Kovalam (DakshinaChitra) and Pondicherry. 

2. Dr. Averbach was the primary leader of this event.  The presence of AR Rahman and his Sunshine orchestra added some wonderful touches to one of several events which took place at DakshinaChitra.  Dr. Averbach went on to lead a series of events with his highly trained orchestra at several other venues, including local colleges and schools.  Several of us in India enjoyed hosting this team, giving every visitor ample opportunity to comprehend several aspects of India’s diverse and ancient culture.

3. This collaboration between Sunshine Orchestra and our Miami team allowed us to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of MUSO as stated in South India’s most widely read newspaper, with a circulation of around 1.4 million.

It was very thoughtful of your reporter to cover a story in a foreign world, something that was transformational for several of us. Thank you once again for always being an important member of our community in spreading the positive measures taken by several departments across Miami University.