Non-tenure-track faculty at Miami will have more options for advancement beginning this fall, thanks to resolutions adopted by University Senate in the past two weeks.

Senate last Monday endorsed the addition of a second promotion point for lecturers and clinically/professionally licensed (LCPL) faculty members, whose work focuses on teaching as opposed to research and scholarship. Currently, LCPL faculty can apply for a promotion to “senior” status by submitting a dossier during or after their fifth year as an LCPL faculty member.

Under Senate Resolution 18-09, which Senate passed via voice vote Apr. 9 and amended in today’s meeting, LCPL candidates for promotion must demonstrate high-quality teaching, academic advising, professional service and “distinction or excellence in some area of pedagogy or service.”

A second resolution, SR 18-08, was endorsed by Senate members in today’s meeting after some debate and will result in changes to LCPL faculty’s titles. By a roll call, 32 senators voted to approve this resolution, with six voting against it and 15 abstentions.

Lecturers who hold a Ph.D. or other terminal degree will progress from “Assistant Teaching Professor” to “Associate Teaching Professor” to “Teaching Professor.” Lecturers holding a nonterminal master’s degree will be “Assistant Lecturers,” “Associate Lecturers” or “Senior Lecturers.”

Clinically or professionally licensed faculty with terminal degrees will hold the title of “Assistant Clinical Professor,” “Associate Clinical Professor” or “Clinical Professor,” while those with non-terminal master’s degree will become “Assistant Clinical Lecturers,” “Associate Clinical Lecturers” or “Senior Clinical Lecturer.”

Provost Phyllis Callahan said at Monday’s Senate meeting that the Miami University Policy and Information Manual (MUPIM) will be updated in the coming weeks to reflect these changes, which will go into effect for the fall semester.