In the past week, two incidents of rape were reported to the Oxford Police Department (OPD).

On Thursday, Jan. 31, OPD officer Peter Durkin responded to McCullough-Hyde Hospital where registered nurse Cathleen Hackett told him “a female was admitted into the emergency department stating she was sexually assaulted and wanted medical examination.”

The incident reportedly occurred in the early hours of Wednesday, Jan. 30 and involved “substantially impaired judgment.” McCullough-Hyde staff administered a SANE (sexual assault nurse examination) kit to collect DNA evidence, but Hackett said the victim did not wish to press charges.

A second report, filed on Sunday, Feb. 3, alleged rape against a victim with a “mental or physical disability” at an unknown apartment in Oxford. The victim’s identity and relationship to the suspect were redacted from the report, written by OPD officer Joshua Jenkins. Jenkins traveled to Atrium Medical Center in West Chester to collect a SANE kit and another biological specimen. The victim, his report indicated, was not present and did not want to speak to police.

Miami students who want to report a sexual assault can make their report to any campus security authority, including Miami University Police (513-529-2222), Oxford Police (513-523-4321), the Office of Ethics and Student Conflict Resolution (513-529-1417), student organization advisers and athletic coaches.

Survivors can also receive confidential support from Katy Clover (513-431-1111), Miami’s campus-based support specialist from the Butler County office of Women Helping Women. Clover is not a mandatory reporter.