By Hailey Mallendick, Senior Staff Writer

The long-awaited opening of Miami’s fully functional Starbucks franchise store came to a head on Monday when Dining Services unveiled the new coffee shop at Maplestreet Station.

Inside, the Starbucks bears little resemblance to its predecessor, Patisserie. Now, it is the spitting image of a traditional Starbucks store: from the sleek black menu and prices, baskets of coffee, photography on the walls and display case of freshly baked goods down to the barista uniforms.

Baristas sport the traditional Starbucks uniform consisting of green aprons, black polos and Starbucks hats.

Even the hours are similar to other locations. The on-campus Starbucks will be open for 12 hours each day, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Jon Brubacher, the interim director of Dining Services, has been looking forward to opening day.

“We fully expect to be busy on opening day and to remain busy going forward,” said Brubacher.  

Brubacher was anticipating a large crowd, given the high demand for Starbucks on campus through the ‘We Proudly Serve’ locations, which offer Starbucks products without being fully linked to the chain. His predictions were correct.

Yesterday, on opening day, the line wrapped around the entire store with about 30 people waiting to order at all times. The doors were constantly opening and closing as new customers arrived to replace the ones who had just left.  

Sophomore Olivia Ryan said she was pleased to be buying “real” Starbucks from the new location on Monday.

“I am really excited about the fact that there is a real Starbucks here on campus,” said Ryan. “This line is just overwhelmingly long and doesn’t seem to get any shorter at any point in the day. It seems like every other Starbucks, except for the line.”

After weighing her options, Ryan got in line and waited 18 minutes for her strawberry smoothie and blueberry muffin.  

“It tastes more natural and fresh than other places on campus,” said Ryan.

Senior Adam Ferraco, one of the newly-certified baristas, was eager to get to work on Monday.  

“I’m pretty excited and definitely anxious. It’s going to be pretty hectic in there,” said Ferraco. “A lot of people have pretty specific Starbucks orders. A lot of girls and guys like to customize, so I feel like that will be stressful, but it will be fun
for the most part.”

The new staff just finished the 40 hours of required training over the weekend to prepare for opening day. Staff members are now certified baristas and were trained by a Starbucks district manager who came to campus.

Ferraco said he is ready to serve up some of his favorite kinds of drinks now that the store is open.

“The minor details of each drink and the large variety took a long time to learn how to make,” said Ferraco. “I like hot coffee, so I like making any kind of lattes.”

As the baristas look forward to working at the Miami Starbucks, students like Ryan prepare to visit this store regularly now.

“I live right above it, so it’s convenient for me,” said Ryan. “It’s really nice. I’ll come here over Miami Ice.”