Randy Hollowell, Senior Communications & Web Coordinator, IT Services

Starting last spring, IT Services began offering all undergraduate students new Miami email/calendar accounts – muConnect powered by Google. All students must switch to their new email account by January 4, 2011. After that date students will be automatically switched to the new system and will no longer be able to access or migrate old email messages to the new system. In other words, your old email will be deleted.

To activate your new email account just follow the instructions in IT Help at: Activating your email account to muConnect powered by Google. IT Help also has instructions for migrating the messages in your old account at How to migrate email. Or, for additional information, go to www.muohio.edu/GoGoogle.

Some advantages of the new e-mail/calendar system include:

  • A lifetime @muohio.edu email account
  • A substantially greater amount of storage than is presently provided
  • Ability to collaborate with the Miami student community through Google services

If you have questions about activating a new muConnect powered by Google account, or questions about migrating mail from the old system, please visit the Support Desk at 103 Robertson Hall, or contact them at ithelp@muohio.eduor 513-529-7900.