Photos by Scott Kissell and Jeff Sabo 

By Emily Tate, Managing Editor and Emily Williams, Assistant News Editor

A fire ignited in the attic of Miami University’s Swing Hall around noon Monday, June 15, leading to a partially collapsed roof in the residence hall’s north wing.

No one was injured.

The flames in the attic triggered the building’s photoelectric heat and smoke sensors, alerting the university police and local fire department immediately.

The sensors notified Oxford firefighters several minutes earlier than a traditional smoke alarm, said Claire Wagner, director of University News and Communications.

“Good news is it’s summer,” Wagner said. “Nobody was living [in Swing], no one was injured. No firefighters were injured, either.”

The Oxford Fire Department (OFD) quickly controlled the fire, despite some damage left in its wake, including a partially collapsed roof. OFD also contacted Ross Township, Fairfield and Oxford Township for additional help, as the extreme summer temperatures pose safety concerns for those exposed to prolonged heat.

The State Fire Marshal is handling the investigation. According to Lindsey Burnworth, Public Information Officer for for the State Fire Marshal’s Office, the cause and origin of the fire have not been determined, but criminal activity does not appear to have been involved in the incident.

Repair work on Swing Hall has begun, and the restorations are expected to be completed before students return in August.

This story will be updated as the Swing Hall fire investigation continues.