The Center for Career Exploration and Success introduced a new networking and recruiting tool to students this semester.

The service, known as Handshake,allows students to upload their resumes and coursework, search for jobs and message recruiters, among other features. Handshake also allows employers to search for students at all 400+ schools that use the app.

“Overall I think the system is going to be really beneficial for students,” said Janie Spires, assistant director of Miami’s Center for Career Exploration & Success.

Handshake was created in 2014 by three students from Michigan Tech. The university is located in a remote part of Michigan’s upper peninsula, and the students felt they weren’t getting enough recruiting traffic. They began developing Handshake as a way to address this problem.

Making the switch to Handshake from CareerLINK, Miami’s old recruiting tool, has made things much easier for employers and students looking for internships and jobs, Spires said.

Handshake has a newer, cleaner interface and is easier for students to use, Spires said. The service can also help tailor students’ job search effort to their particular interests. On Handshake, students can make personal profiles, similar to LinkedIn, and publish their skills, classes taken and outside interests to their profile.

“In CareerLINK you were a resume. In Handshake, you’re a person,” Spires said. “That’s the biggest difference.”

Senior Kaitlyn Napoli is excited about that feature.

“I like how easy it is to different jobs,” she said. “I also like the ability to highlights what’s on my resume.”

Students are also noticing the changed interface.

“I think it’s almost the same thing as CareerLINK, except it is easier to use,” said junior Evan Helchen. “It’s smoother.”

Miami students now have access to 130,000 employers with Handshake, compared to 1,800 with CareerLINK.

“I like that you can search for jobs outside of Miami’s network, because CareerLINK didn’t have that,” senior Madeline Zick said.

With CareerLINK, employers needed a different login for each university they recruited from. Now, employers who use Handshake can upload an opening once and all the schools that they recruit from can see it.

“Some employers used to have hundreds of logins. Now they only have one,” Spires said. “So instead of spending time reposting the same job over and over again, they can spend more time finding that perfect quality candidate.”

Spires said there are some workarounds from the Career Services side of things. For example, setting up meetings and appointments is more difficult than before. Instead of publishing one form, now they have to publish multiple forms.

“It’s just another click on our end,” Spires said. “Every time you change things up, you’re going to have a bump in the road. That’s just construction.”