Alicia Williams, For The Miami Student

The building that houses the Demske Culinary Support Center once used to house Kroger but still sits at the corner of McGuffey Avenue and Wells Mills Drive near McDonalds. (SCOTT ALLISON | The Miami Student)

Working in the culinary field at Miami University is a common job for many students.

One student, Kelsey Lynett, has succeeded in such a job in the Demske Culinary Support Center at Miami.

Kelsey, a senior at Miami, is a student manager for the center and is also majoring in dietetics. She is one of four students in the country to receive the Clark E. DeHaven Scholarship of $5,000, and an internship at the University of Nevada through the National Association of College and University Food Service (NACUFS).

“I was super excited when I received the e-mail to call about the results of my application,” Lynett said. “When I called they notified me that I was accepted and would be interning at the University of Nevada.”

Kelsey was encouraged to apply for the internship by her advisor, Nancy Parkinson, in the department of kinesiology. She later applied for the scholarship and was notified in late April she would be a recipient.

Currently interning at the University of Nevada, she is being exposed to the inner operations of a different university’s services.

“Every week there is a rotation, so you are employed by a different section of the university each week,” Lynett said. “I learned a lot of different operations, and I can’t wait to bring some of my ideas back to Miami University.”

Applying for the internship is open to anyone at Miami University. Miami, which is an affiliate of the NACUFS, encourages stand out students to apply for the scholarship and internship.

“We are nationally recognized through the NACUFS, and having Kelsey working there will generate a lot of new ideas when she returns,” said Chris Fields, manager of Commissary Operations at the Demske Culinary Support Center.

There have been past students who have interned under the NACUFS, and gained awards such as “Outstanding Student of the Year.”

“This is a great program to be part of because in order to receive a certificate in dietetics you must complete an internship, so this opportunity has fulfilled such requirement,” Lynett said.

When Kelsey returns she will be continue her position as student manager until her graduation in spring 2011.