By Joey Hart, Asst. Editorial Editor

Junior Gregory Smithers says that he loves seeing the confused looks on people’s faces when he tells them that he has never eaten at Bagel & Deli during his time at Miami.

“Yeah, Bagel and Deli is a pretty popular restaurant around this community,” Smithers says, “so I just love seeing how people react when I tell them that I’ve never ordered anything there.”

Smithers says that he regularly brings up the fact that he hasn’t eaten at the popular restaurant during social hangouts, classes and parties.

“I especially like telling people as my ‘fun fact’ whenever I’m part of one of those ice breakers where everyone goes around and says something about themselves,” he says. “If I see someone eating food from Bagel & Deli, I always love changing the conversation to the fact that I’ve never eaten there.”

Smithers adds that he thinks it’s “honestly pretty unique” that he has been attending Miami for two years and has yet to get food from the locally famous establishment. He says he has considered buying a bagel, but that he doesn’t want to give up the benefits.

“I just can’t get over how fun it is to interrupt anyone who is speaking and tell them that I’m a Bagel & Deli virgin,” he says.

Junior Les Parkins, a friend of Smithers, says he doesn’t think that his friend’s fun fact is much of an accomplishment.

“I mean, no one really wants to tell him, but nobody gives a shit about whether or not you’ve personally done something,” Parkins says.

Smithers, though, added that if his aversion to mainstream cuisine isn’t enough, he also likes telling people that he doesn’t care about any bad luck that he might incur from stepping on the campus seal. He explained that once last semester, he stepped on the seal but still “aced the shit out of” his Spanish exam the next week.

“It’s a great way to show the fact that I’m cool for not caring and that I got a great grade,” Smithers says, laughing. “I bring it up any time someone starts talking about the seal or exams. Or anything else.”