Anna Turner, Amusement Editor

(SCOTT ALLISON | The Miami Student)

Campus Activities Council’s latest activity, SpringFest, brought a new splash of AWESOME to Miami University yesterday afternoon at the Phi Delta Theta gates.Most of this awesome can be attributed to the band South Jordan originally from Bloomington, Ind. They spend their weekends touring Midwestern universities and Miami is near the top of their list.

“We love coming here,” Michael Hall, lead singer, said. “And we look to keep booking shows here and getting the word out about their music.”

This music can be described as the love child of The Fray and One Republic, drawing on inspiration from the pop rock bands of South Jordan’s six members’ youth. It was this inspiration that first made the connection between the members.

“We met at Indiana University (IU) in Bloomington and it just felt really good, really special,” Hall said. “That kind of chemistry doesn’t happen very often, and we knew right away.” Sounds like quite the love story, right? Hall went on to say that being in such a cohesive band is like a marriage.

“People get married and they stay married,” Hall said. “That’s what a band is — like a marriage with no sex.” No sex? That sucks…

“I guess the sex would be like the record deal,” Hall added. “So if we got a record deal, our marriage would be complete.”

Managed by Union Entertainment Group (UEG), (Nickelback and Hinder are examples of other bands UEG manages) South Jordan is well on their way to getting that sex/record deal/complete marriage.

“We’re going to do well because we’re a young band that takes music really seriously,” Hall said. “We spend a lot of time doing we do because we love it and we have so much passion. It means a lot when people give us the time and listen to us.”People listening to them are mostly college students, as that is the band’s target demographic.

With five of the six members in college at IU-Bloomington, their peers have always been number one for listening priority. South Jordan’s music is most accessible and applicable to this demographic … and since you’re part of that demographic, you should ch-ch-check them out.