By Audrey Davis, News Editor and Elizabeth Hansen, Assistant Culture Editor

April 24 — Cook Field — Audrey

I sit alone in a Bobcat, monitoring the soccer tournament on Sunday afternoon.

“What a beautiful day for graduation!” a soccer coach says to me outside of the restrooms.

“I don’t think graduation is today, but it is a gorgeous day,” I reply.

“Are you sure? I’ve seen girls in graduation gowns walking by today.”

He walks away and I’m left confused. Did I forget graduation was today?

I turn toward Western Campus and see a group of girls posing for pictures in red graduation gowns. How could I have missed graduation? I have friends who are seniors, and they never mentioned it.

I do a quick search on my phone to see when Miami’s commencement is — May 14. Today is only April 24. I have no idea what’s going on.

“Do you know how much this vending machine is? No, you wouldn’t, would you? You just use your Miami card,” says a man putting a random amount of quarters into a vending machine.

I watch as he enters quarter after quarter. He must put in at least 10 before he finally presses the button for Gatorade.

“It’s two dollars, in case you were wondering.”

After an hour of sitting alone, I decide to get up and walk around the field.

A man with headphones on passes by.

“I got a beer in my hand, life feels good to me,” he sings loudly and off-key.

I admire him for choosing to sing in public.

“Do you know that kid who kicked you?” a grandmother worriedly asks her grandson.

“Yeah,” he replies, not amused. He’s busy watching the game that’s being played on the field.

“I should have a talk with him.”

“It’s soccer, Grandma,” he says, rolling his eyes.

His grandmother scoffs and walks back to her car.

April 24 — Miami Beach — Elizabeth

I walk by Central Quad on my way to Starbucks for a Sunday filled with homework. The sun is beating down on my shoulders and I know I’m instantly burning.

I look out onto the grass and pause for a moment. Scattered along the grass are girls laying out. Is this Miami University or Miami Beach?

They continue to emerge from their dorms wearing bathing suits and carrying towels.  They lay out a towel and throw down their backpacks. Most are reading a book or doing homework on their laptop.

For a moment, doing homework is a treat in this hot Miami sun.

I pass through the grass. Some girls flip over — an even tan is a must.

I reach Starbucks and sit down at a table outside. I close my eyes.

The birds flying overhead could be mistaken for seagulls flying over the ocean.

For a moment, I think I’m in Florida.

I open my eyes to see the brick buildings and cars zooming through Maple Street — I realize I’m in a different Miami.

I look past Scott Hall to see the girls on Central Quad. They are still sunbathing on Miami Beach.