By Audrey Davis, News Editor

I sit alone in Starbucks, working on homework as I do most Monday mornings before heading to class.

However, today is different. Donald Trump Jr. is coming to Brick Street, and that’s all anyone is talking about.

“Is he really coming here?” someone asks.

“Yeah! Look outside at that truck!”

I turn to the window just in time to see a billboard-sized Trump/Pence sign being removed from the back of a truck.

“We have to go take pictures!” an older man says to his wife, coffee in hand.

The couple walks right up to the truck and starts taking pictures of the sign. Soon after, the sign is carried to the front of Brick Street and placed along the front wall.

Around 11:30 a.m., I notice that the section of Poplar Street outside of Brick is now closed. People are also putting up a row of metal gates on High Street in preparation for the event.

I walk down the sidewalk to the bench on the corner of High Street and Poplar Street.

Almost every person who walks by has their phones out and is taking pictures of the bar and of the people setting up.

By 12:00, Poplar Street is lined with Oxford Police Department vehicles. A solid black, armed vehicle also joins the rows of police cars. Men in camouflage uniforms step out and stand around the vehicle, talking to each other about the plans for the day.

One of the men in camo stands atop Side Bar with binoculars and a sniper rifle, scoping out the surrounding area.

Sounds of a barking dog come from a K-9 unit police vehicle. The officer driving the vehicle parks it outside of Brick Street. He lets his dog out and they head toward the front entrance. The dog sniffs the ground and darts toward a trash can, almost dragging the officer with him. The officer gets control of the dog, and they walk inside.

At 12:24, a group of about 10 adults dressed in red, white and blue with “Make America Great Again” hats wait for the doors to open outside Brick Street.

“I’m with her!” a girl shouts at them from across the street.

A man walks by me wearing a “Hillary sucks, but not like Monica” shirt and crosses the street to join the rest of the Trump supporters in line.

The doors to Brick aren’t scheduled to open until 1:00, but by 12:45, there’s a group of about 50 people waiting to be let in.

In an apartment above the Hillary Clinton office, a guy blares music until he’s approached by an officer.

“That’s getting turned off right now!” she yells up to him.

He reluctantly silences the music.

Outside of Bagel and Deli, a sign reads “We welcome protestors and deplorables.”

Students stand outside of the Phi Delt gates, passing out “Love Trumps Hate” signs.

Finally, at 1:19, the doors to Brick Street open, and people start to meander inside.