ASG Senate voted Tuesday to elect Bobby Adler as off-campus student senator and in support of raising the credit hour cap during registration from 17 hours to 20.

Three candidates pitched themselves to Senators with a brief presentation. In executive session, the senators discussed and took a vote, choosing the junior who also serves as treasurer of the College Democrats.

“I believe that my position is unique compared to other Senators because since all of my constituents are at least second year students, they are very aware of the issues students face on campus,” Adler said in his address to Senate. “I look forward to constituents bringing all of the issues they experience to my attention so they can be swiftly and effectively addressed.”

To make it easier for these issues to be addressed, Adler suggested opening up ASG for more students to come, or creating a website for students to submit complaints or solutions to problems on and off campus.

The only resolution discussed in Senate this week — SR 021600, “A Resolution to Support Raising the Registration Credit Hour Limit” — was authored by Trent White and Molly O’Donnell and sponsored by nearly a dozen senators and cabinet members. The bill would raise the credit hour limit to 20 hours when first registering for classes.

One in five of students at Miami have double-majors or co-majors The purpose of this bill is to help them graduate on time.

“I think the change helps students who need to take up to 20 hours to graduate on time pick a schedule that best works for them, rather than not getting into a class or having a class that may conflict with extracurriculars or work because they had to add it during open registration and only one section was open. The change encourages students to learn as much as they want to and take advantage of as many of Miami’s opportunities as they can while still graduating on time,” O’Donnell said.

While some might feel that this would not be fair because seats in certain classes could fill up faster with seniors or other upperclassmen, there are already protocols in place to prevent this from happening. Seats are held for freshman and international students, who cannot register for classes until after older students, and so it is guaranteed seats will be open.

ASG members voted in favor of changing the limit on credit hours, but the change must be supported by Miami’s deans before it will come into effect.

“The bill was passed with no opposition but a few abstentions. This bill should be passed because it contributes to the statewide and nationwide goal to improve college affordability,” Senator White said. “The best way to keep the costs of college down is to ensure that students graduate within four years. Additionally allowing students to pursue as many majors, minors, and even degrees as they can in their four year undergraduate career improves the ‘bang for their buck’ students receive.”