Max Bruno, For The Miami Student

Patrons enjoy a menu of authentic Indian cuisine inside the new Taj Mahal II. (SCOTT ALLISON | The Miami Student)

Oxford fans of exotic food have long been familiar with Rohan India, but this year, returning Miami students will find Rohan India replaced by the Taj Mahal II.

The change of name also comes with a change of ownership. Cincinnati caterer and restaurant owner AJ Singh chose to locate the Taj Mahal II to Oxford upon the suggestion of former Miami University President James Garland.

“He was a regular customer at the Taj Mahal I,” Singh said. “He mentioned to me that Miami students could use a Taj Mahal of their own.”

Singh explained he intends to take Garland’s suggestion to heart and make the Taj Mahal II every Miami student’s destination for authentic Indian food, modifying many aspects of the familiar restaurant to better attract student business.

“Showing your Miami ID will get you ten percent off any non-buffet check,” Singh said.

Other deals marketed to Miami students will include coupons that can be accessed via text message, in the first few pages of the Campus Special, and through the “Foodcourt” online takeout ordering service.
The new restaurant will also have an expanded bar with a wide selection of drinks and a new patio addition where students can smoke the Taj Mahal II’s hookahs in fair weather seasons.

“I’m definitely going to check it out,” said Miami senior David Powell. “I can easily see myself enjoying a big Indian meal, then hanging out and digesting with some friends over drinks and hookah.”

The most prominent changes however are with the menu at Taj Mahal II. Instead of focusing on cuisine from a specific region of India, Singh has chosen to take the Taj Mahal II in a Pan-Indian direction, offering authentic North Indian, South Indian, and even Indochinese dishes.

“I want people to be able to taste all of India, which offers so many different cuisines,” said Singh.

With its many deals, extended bar selection, hookah patio and diverse Pan-Indian menu, Singh hopes that Taj Mahal II will be enjoyable to current Miami students.

“The Taj Mahal will be a place students can hang out,” Singh said. “Once the students return in the fall, I expect to see them eating, smoking hookah, and enjoying our game nights and drink specials.”

The Taj Mahal II will be offering full service by August 25.