Photo Contributed by Leah Wasburn-Moses

By Rebecca Huff, Senior Staff Writer and Krista Savage, News Editor

Harrier’s Nest, the local food attraction for Miami Hamilton students, was renovated over the summer.

It is located within Schwarm Hall, the Miami Hamilton student center. It has been updated to include more charging stations for students with laptops, as well as new places to eat and more seating options.

Schwarm Hall is located near the entrance of Miami Hamilton’s campus, and it is a shared space with the bookstore and Harrier’s Nest.

Harrier’s Nest offers students breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for in-between classes. The area added a salad bar, new dining furniture and a bar equipped with plenty of outlets.

“We were able to take furniture from Martin Dining Hall and Scoreboard market on North campus when it went through renovation this summer,” said Tina Rotundo, executive manager of Miami Housing, Dining and Guest Services. “I was so happy we could recycle these things and keep them with Miami dining.”

Harrier’s Nest includes tabletops, stools, bars, refrigerators and freezers from Martin and Scoreboard dining. The large salad bar from Martin Dining Hall is also now being used.

“It looks really nice,” Rotundo said. “Viewer attraction has gone up as well.”

One of the main improvements was the addition of more wall outlets near the counters. Prior to the renovation, outlets were positioned in a few sporadic locations, making it difficult for students to find one. According to Rotundo, there are many more outlets in convenient locations now, which contribute to how many people are using the student center now.

“Sales have increased $200 to $300 dollars and we hired two new student managers,” said Mica Henry, assistant manager of Harrier’s Nest.

New dining options are now also available to students in Harrier’s Nest.

Last year, a popular attraction was a coffee shop called Heaven Sent. It was widely used by students who came in and out of Harrier’s Nest. However, they have decided not to reopen this year, and Miami Hamilton is currently obtaining the rights and health codes to open a new coffee shop expected to open in two weeks.

The new coffee shop will include baked goods and serve Starbucks coffee. According to Rotundo, it will be comparable to Oxford’s Miami Ice, located in Armstrong Student Center.

Student manager of the Harrier’s Nest Kayla Byrd said student workers are receiving specialized Starbucks training to learn the proper procedures to make drinks and clean equipment.

“If we don’t do things a certain way they could pull our license,” Henry said.

In the past, students have expressed grievances about the freshness of the food served at the Harrier’s Nest.

Building and grounds assistant Deborah Lawrence said the size of the kitchen and the lack of equipment is to blame for the quality of the food.

“Fresher food isn’t the problem, it’s how the food is prepared,” Lawrence said.

The Harrier’s Nest didn’t have an oven, so they had to rely on a boiler, a flat top grill and fryers. When they wanted to keep something heated, there was no oven to go to so they kept it in the warmers.

Even if the kitchen had the proper equipment, there would be nowhere to put it. Henry referred to the kitchen as a “concession stand.”

The renovations in Schwarm aren’t the only changes occurring at Miami Hamilton. The Cashiers Office at Mosler Hall, where the Office of Admission and Financial Aid is housed, expanded and construction at the front of Rentschler Hall, where academic advising is located, is underway.