Drew McDonell, Staff Writer

Junior Kylie Landeros powers the ball across the turf against Central Michigan Sept. 11, 2009. (MICHAEL GRIGGS | The Miami Student)

The Miami University field hockey team will travel to Iowa City Sept. 4 to take on the Brown University Bears and the University of Iowa Hawkeyes.

After a successful 3-0 opening weekend in California, the team hopes to continue their winning streak.

The ‘Hawks returned home from their busy weekend and resumed their regular practice schedule in preparation for their upcoming competition. The RedHawks have not taken on either team in the previous year, so it will be a fresh round of competition. Brown University and the University of Iowa are both non-conference teams.

Head Coach Jill Reeve takes each match seriously.

“The preparation is the same for league and non-league opponents,” Reeve said. “We study opponent tactics and tendencies, but focus mainly on our game. It’s not about who’s across the 50-yard line in the different colored jerseys, it’s about us and what kind of mark we will make each day.”

The team will begin the weekend in Iowa taking on Brown. This will be the first match of the season for Brown, giving the RedHawks a slight advantage with three games already under their belt.

The girls will then take on the number 14 nationally-ranked Hawkeyes. Iowa is one of six of the Big Ten teams that the RedHawks will face this season known for their winning consistency and success and they are expected to be tough competition.

“Our team recognizes that Iowa has a longer stretch of traditional success, but also understands our own power as a dangerous competitor and look forward to the challenge that Iowa presents,” Reeve said.

Many of the players on the team recognize that Iowa will be a hard competitor, but they are putting the reputation of the team aside and focusing solely on their game.

“I think our biggest challenge in the upcoming matches against Iowa and Brown is to remain consistent in our play no matter who we are facing that day,” junior Jackie Nguyen said. “Sometimes we let the name or reputation of our opponent determine how we will perform. If we come out fast and strong from the first whistle every game, we are a hard team to keep up with.”

The RedHawks will take on Brown University at 2 p.m. Sept. 4. They will take on the University of Iowa at 2 p.m. Sept. 5.