Catherine Couretas, Editor in Chief

Senior employees Alex Myer and Andrew Haberman bind books at the Miami University Print Center. (SAMANTHA LUDINGTON | The Miami Student)

One year after necessary price increases, the Miami University Print Center in Gaskill Hall has raised prices again, but still remains ultra competitive, according to Kristin Kieffer, assistant director of IT communications.

The only prices affected in this year’s changes are for color copies, large format printing and graphic design services, which aren’t to be confused with pay-to-print services like those offered in King Library.

The print center has kept costs low, Kieffer said. The prices are so low that this second increase was necessary. Future increases will not be to this extent and will only happen because of machine and supply costs.

“The next (possible) increase wouldn’t be as significant,” Kieffer said.

Barbara Banks, customer service supervisor for the print center, said the competitors with the closest prices aren’t even in Oxford and the university wants to keep these costs low as a convenience for students.

“If students want to get even close to our prices, they have to drive to Hamilton or Cincinnati,” Banks said. “We want to maintain affordable printing on campus.”

Though cuts have reduced the print center’s hours and increased costs, there is hope to increase business hours to be even more accessible to students. Previously open 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., the center now opens at the same time but closes at 6 p.m.

“We understand the students’ needs,” Banks said. “We’re not a company that may not understand or care. We’re family as far as we’re concerned. We go above and beyond as far as understanding the software and what the students’ projects require.”

In addition, when there are higher volume printing jobs to be completed, the print center will help students find a vendor with a better value if possible.

“The prices that we’re publishing are one-off prices and there are volume discounts,” Banks said. “When it’s appropriate, we would work with local vendors to provide a cost that’s more economical.”