Drunk man attempts to steal house sign

Around 2 a.m. Saturday an Oxford police officer observed three male subjects walking in the north and south alleys behind 212 University Ave. The three males backed up when the officer turned on his cruiser lights and told them to stop.

One of the males dropped a sign that read “Pretty ‘N Pink” and started running. As the subject started running, the other two males fled the scene and the officer threw the subject to the ground. The officer brought him back to the sign where it was dropped and the officer made the boy point out the house from where he took the sign.

The officer knocked on the door and asked if the victim knew the subject. The victim said they did not know him and that her roommate had heard noises earlier. The subject was identified as Miami University sophomore Griffin Dulany.

He said he ran because he was scared and he did not know what to do. Dulany said he did not know how much he drank and all he knew was that it was cheap vodka.

Dulany was getting food when he went to steal the sign and he said he only made the stupid decision because of alcohol. Dulany was cited with theft, obstructing official business, and underage persons and was taken to Butler County Jail.

Student in handcuffs flees from officer

Around 1:30 a.m. Saturday officers were conducting a bar check at Heavy Hands Bar. When they arrived, they noticed a male with a beer who turned around immediately after seeing the officers. The male walked away from the officers but the officers caught up to him soon.

The officers asked for an ID and the male walked away again. The male was then handcuffed and taken out. The officers saw a fake drivers license, which stated the male was from Peru and he was born in 1988.

When the officers asked where his real license was, the male said it was in his wallet. He was identified as a Miami University sophomore. The officers attempted to take him inside when the student took off in his handcuffs. The student went 75 feet and lost both shoes before the officers caught him. The officers got him inside the police car and took his wristband for evidence. The student told the officers there are better things for them to worry about than his drinking. He was cited with underage drinking, possession of a fake ID, and was taken to Butler County Jail.