Female alleges thefts, damage over several weeks

Around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, a female reported that the house sign on the top of her roof had been taken to the Oxford Police Department. She said her house had been broken into by members of a local fraternity on several occasions. One of the female’s housemate’s ex-boyfriends is in the fraternity and they have all decided to stop allowing any members over. They told people in the fraternity directly to stop after things started getting stolen. The female’s property has been damaged and more items have been stolen. She explained that it has been an ongoing problem for several weeks. Most recently, their house sign was stolen from the roof.

Officer spots male urinating outside of local hospital

Around 2 a.m. Wednesday, an officer was sitting in the parking lot of McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital. About 100 feet in front of the officer, a male started to look around, unbutton his pants and urinate. His back was turned against the hospital and he was facing the officer. The officer then turned on his lights and the male began to button his pants and run. The male ran behind the hospital and north on Main Street. The officer called for back up and when the male saw the other officer, he turned around and ran back to the first officer. The male was soon caught by the first officer and was identified as 21-year-old Miami University junior Luke Kelly. The officer smelled alcohol on his breath and Kelly repeatedly kept saying “how stupid he was.” Kelly was arrested on charges with obstructing official business and disorderly conduct.

Fraternity reports damage, stolen fire extinguishers

Around 4 p.m. Tuesday, Oxford Police Department officers were dispatched a fraternity house for a burglary report. Officers were greeted by the president of the fraternity, who told officers the house had been broken into and someone had sprayed fire extinguishers in two rooms, causing substantial damage. The chapter room showed footprints leading to the back door. Members of the fraternity told officers their house is always secured. Officers checked the house and all doors were locked. The footprints and powder led to the back of the house then disappeared due to the rain. The officers were called back later because six fire extinguishers were found in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity’s dumpster. Members of the fraternity whose house was broken into recognized three of the six due to the brands but two were not theirs. It is unknown how much the damage will cost and there are no suspects at this time.