Suspect overdoses, charged with possession of drugs

At 7:15 p.m. Friday, an OPD officer was flagged down by two men with information of a suspicious man luring on the steps of the Lane Public Library, 15 S. College Ave.

Once near the steps adjacent the library’s parking lot, the officer immediately identified the familiar suspect and confirmed with dispatch a warrant in his name from the Butler County Sheriff’s Office.

According to OPD, the suspect became “physically nervous” upon hearing the word “warrant,” and, in sight of the officer, began shifting his hand down his side toward his backpack. The officer immediately grabbed the backpack and placed it between them.

After finding an empty prescription bottle in the man’s palm, the officer handcuffed the suspect and instructed him to sit against a wall. At this time, a white, oblong pill fell to the ground and rolled a few feet away. After looking away for a moment, the officer turned to see the suspect stretched out from the wall, trembling, dragging the stray pill toward him with his foot.

At this time, the officer noticed the man speaking as though his mouth were full. After the suspect refused to spit out whatever he was harboring, the officer opened his mouth and saw “crushed powder caking his tongue.”

The officer summoned an ambulance that took the suspect to McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital where he admitted to ingesting two prescription pills and later overdosed, but was revived with Narcan. According to OPD, this was not the first time this particular subject was revived from an overdose.

He was charged with possession of drugs – schedule I or II substance and taken to Butler County Jail.

Bag of marijuana found with arrested suspect after being jumped by a group of males

At 2:50 a.m. Sunday, OPD was advised of an active fight in the zero block of High St. Upon arrival, officers observed a shirtless male bleeding from the mouth.

According to OPD, the man claimed he had been jumped “for no reason” by a group of males with whom another officer spoke. OPD asked the man to sit on the curb while officers figured out the situation. After a few moments curbside, the man became agitated and began repeating, “I’ll kick their asses,” “This is bullshit” and, “I don’t give a f**k.”

After pinwheeling similar obscenities, officers told the man if he did not calm down he would be arrested. A transient tranquility descended upon the group and all seemed well. However, after a few fleeting, beating moments of silence the man hollered, “I’ll kick everyone’s ass and I don’t give a f**k!” He was promptly arrested.

While being handcuffed, officers discovered on his person a baggie containing marijuana, according to OPD. “Yeah, I smoke marijuana; who gives a f**k?” he asked. At OPD he descended into a fiercer state of agitation and began simultaneously demanding his phone call and pounding on the jail cell door.

He was charged with assault; disorderly conduct: intoxication, provoking and drug possession.

Man flees Kroger parking lot after backing into pickup truck, fails field sobriety tests

At 11:57 a.m. Sunday, OPD was called to the Kroger parking lot, 300 S. Locust St., in reference to a hit-skip accident. A witness reported a blue-grey pickup while backing out of a spot struck another vehicle, causing damage to its right rear bumper, and fled the scene. OPD was able to trace the pickup’s registration to a man living on McGuffey Ave.

An officer was dispatched to the owner’s address and waited in his cruiser until the pickup approached him. The owner exited his vehicle and approached the officer. When asked, the suspect admitted to hitting a vehicle in the Kroger lot, but was not aware of any damage.

Noticing his speech was slurred, the officer asked the man if he had been drinking. According to OPD, the suspect said (and later incessantly repeated) that he had consumed one beer. At the station, the suspect also told officers he was on numerous medications, including pain killers, and that two doctors told him not to drive, but would not suspend his license.

Despite his one-beer claim, the suspect swiftly and cleanly failed each field sobriety test. He was charged with OVI and taken to McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital where he consented to a blood test. However, he was unable to stand under his own volition and leaned against the officer for support walking into the hospital. He was also charged with leaving the scene of an accident. He was released to his residence on McGuffey Ave.