Fight in bar restroom is reported, no charges filed

Around 1:09 p.m. Wednesday, a female reported an altercation to OPD that occurred at 1:30 a.m. April 6.

Early that morning, the female was in Brick Street Bar and Grill, 36 E. High St., when she bumped into a patron in the women’s restroom. The patron was an acquaintance of the victim and took offense to having been nudged. In response, she hit the victim in the back, according to OPD.

When the victim turned to face the aggressor, she was pushed down. While shoving her attacker, the victim’s hair was grabbed and the assailant threw her to the ground, according to OPD.

While the victim lay on the floor, two other women joined the acquaintance. The victim who called stated she did not wish to press charges as of now, but wanted the situation documented. However, this victim had also been issued a summons regarding her assault of a bar employee in a separate incident, OPD said.

Perscription pilferer punks local pharmacy

Around 9:28 a.m. Sunday, an officer was dispatched to Kroger, 300 S. Locust St., in response to a pharmacy patron who had been writing himself illegitimate prescriptions, OPD said.

A pharmacist informed the officer that a male used stolen prescription pads to issue him prescriptions in order to obtain drugs, according to OPD.

The pharmacist said he had been informed that the man had been arrested at another Kroger location that day. There, the subject had been using the same false prescriptions, OPD said.

There is an ongoing investigation to uncover where the male stole the prescription pads and at what other locations he obtained drugs illegally, according to OPD.

Stolen debit card leaves trail of faraway charges

Around 4:56 p.m. Thursday, OPD received a call from a man who said he believed his identity had been stolen. The victim said he had only used his card for one online purchase. However, his card company informed him of eight other charges, originating in Florida, which were all made between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. that day, according to OPD. There are no suspects, OPD said.