Arabian nights

At 5:19 a.m. Sunday, OPD received a call from a delivery driver at Speedway, 260 S. Locust St., regarding an obnoxious male who refused to leave the premises.

According to the clerk, later interviewed by the responding officer, the male had been inside the establishment for nearly an hour and had ignored repeated requests to scram. The suspect thrice asked the clerk if she would go home with him, according to OPD. All the while, the suspect’s vehicle was idling in the parking lot with its lights on.

The responding officer found the suspect to be Saudi Arabian, speaking with a thick accent. Despite the bizarre misadventure yet to unfold, there was no mention of any language barrier. The officer approached the male who had slunk into the driver’s seat of his car, bearing Minnesota plates, upon OPD’s arrival.

When asked for ID, the suspect presented two: a Minnesota driver’s license that had been revoked and an Ohio license that was suspended. The officer informed the male he could not legally drive the vehicle in which he was currently sitting and which was currently running.

Thus began the officer’s attempts to coerce the subject into willingly leaving the premises (and his vehicle). After each request to vacate, the suspect would laugh and attempt to change the subject, according to OPD. This occurred several times. Eventually, the male did leave, though promptly wandered back and resumed loitering.

The conversation between the officer and suspect turned to the question of what to do about the vehicle. The officer repeatedly answered the male’s question, saying he could return anytime with a valid driver to move the car. However, the suspect refused to acknowledge the answer, each time laughing and asking again. OPD said this happened 14 or 15 times before the officer gave up and arrested the suspect after again ignoring the answer, laughing and asking again.

The suspect was charged with Criminal Trespass and Driver under Financial Responsibility law suspension. Note he was not believed to be intoxicated. He was taken to Butler County Jail. No word on whether he found that funny.

Parking lot fist fight

At 2:46 a.m. Sunday, OPD received a report of an active fight at 11 W. Church St. By the time officers arrived, the brawl had migrated to Lot 52, the parking lot on Park Place.

The responding officer witnessed a white male on top of a black male. The white male was repeatedly striking the black male in the face with a closed fist.

After the suspect ignored commands to cease, the officer removed him from atop the black male, who had multiple facial injuries.

The suspect leapt up, ignored the officer’s commands to stop and fled until he was identified and stopped by another officer near McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital.

The victim refused medical treatment for his injuries. He also declined to press charges.

The life squad wrapped lacerations on the attacker’s hand in gauze. Beyond this, the suspect also refused medical treatment.

The suspect was taken to Butler County Jail where he was refused admittance because the lacerations on his hand were still bleeding and Jail employees believed he required stitches. The OPD officer then took the suspect to Fort Hamilton Hospital. He left him in the care of a triage nurse, informed both of them the suspect was not under arrest and was no longer under his supervision and left.

32 blue pills were found in a cellophane cigarette wrapper on the suspect’s person, a common way of clandestinely transporting drugs, according to OPD. The pills are generic Xanax, for which the suspect claimed to have a prescription despite his peculiar mode of transporting them. This matter is still under investigation.

He was charged with Offenses Involving Underage Persons, Disorderly Conduct: Fighting/Violent/Turbulent and Obstructing Official Business.

Rumble in the woods

At 2:20 a.m. Saturday, employees of The Wood’s Bar, 17 N. Poplar St., flagged down an OPD officer in reference to a male who refused to leave the premises. The suspect had been denied entry because the bar had closed. After fighting with staff, the 19-year-old male was physically removed.

The officer found the male on the corner of N. Church St. and E. Poplar St. screaming and cursing; a contemporary siren. From Cincinnati, he was in Oxford visiting friends, who milled about him on the street corner. The officer advised the male’s friends to leave. As they attempted to do so, the suspect, annoyed, punched a male friend twice, square in the face, with a closed fist.

The officer immediately began issuing loud verbal commands for the suspect to stop. Slowly, the male turned toward and looked at the officer, and then promptly punched his friend in the face a third time. The officer became more vehement in his commands for the suspect to cease. According to OPD, the suspect took a “three-point football stance” and tackled the officer. Sweeping the officer’s knees, the suspect and the officer fell to the ground and continued to struggle. Another officer approached and removed the suspect from atop the officer.

Both officers instructed the suspect to stop resisting arrest as they attempted to get him on his stomach. The suspect refused and proved too wily to pin. An officer directed strategic blows to the suspect’s scapula, which were ineffective.

Eventually, an officer released a short burst of pepper spray to the right side of the suspect’s face. The suspect, still resisting, turned to the left and was promptly sprayed again. The suspect then complied and was handcuffed. At OPD he was found to be intoxicated. The life squad flushed out the suspect’s eyes and face. He was charged with Offenses Involving Underage Persons, Disorderly Conduct: Fighting/Violent/Turbulent and Resisting Arrest and taken to Butler County Jail.