“In Oxford, the break of day is trumpeted not by a rooster’s crow, but by the roar of half a dozen Rumpke garbage and recycling trucks rumbling down the red bricks, washing away the evidence of what was yet another night of citywide partying.

It’s six o’clock on a Friday morning and at no other time does Oxford sound and smell more like a crowded metropolitan area than it does now. The stench of garbage — a mixture of stale beer, rotting Skyline chili and an assortment of bodily fluids — permeates the air surrounding Oxford’s now quiet bars and restaurants.

Running amidst the scurry of garbage trucks, a seemingly endless conveyer belt of distributors transport foodstuffs from semi trucks parked up and down High Street. If a finance professor wanted to demonstrate input/output economics at work then Oxford in the a.m. would be a good place to start.”

(This is an excerpt from Opinion Editor James Steinbauer’s piece called Oxford in the a.m.: What goes down as the sun comes up. To read the whole story, click here.)