Amanda Seitz, Campus Editor

(SAMANTHA LUDINGTON | The Miami Student)

Several changes will be made to Miami University Parking Services before the 2010-2011 school year begins.

The director of parking and transportation services position has been eliminated entirely due to budget constraints at the university, according to current Director of Parking and Transportation Services Perry Gordon.

Gordon said the notification of the elimination came at the end of January from his wife, who works in the human resources department at Miami.

Gordon said he was surprised to learn of the position’s discontinuation.

“You learn that you’re basically being terminated after 18 years at the university,” Gordon said.

Gordon said he was told the salary of his job out pays his value at the university.

With this cut in position, the organizational side of things dealing with parking services will be handed over to the Miami University Police Department (MUPD).

Gordon said the two assistant directors of parking and transportation will report to Cpt. Jason G. Willis beginning June 20.

Cpt. Willis said the parking and transportation services will not necessarily undergo major changes when they report to MUPD.

“Everything will stay the same, nothing’s changed as far as location, the way permits are distributed, the policy is the same,” Willis said.

Willis said he appreciates the work Gordon has done for parking services.

“Perry, he really did an excellent job during his tenure as the director,” Willis said. “He’s leaving the parking department in excellent shape.”

More apparent changes to students at Miami will deal with the cost in Miami Metro and parking permits.

The board of trustees voted on Friday, April 23 to increase the costs for yellow, blue and purple permits by $5. The Miami Metro student fee will also be increased from the current $60 to $66.

Parking permits for faculty and staff will be adjusted to $30 per academic calendar year instead of $20 per fiscal year.

“Basically because we’re still in a freeze on salaries and we didn’t think it’d be appropriate to raise the price of employee permits while salaries are still locked in,” Gordon said. “The permits here for faculty and staff are still relatively low. That comes out to pennies per day, or pennies per hour.”

Gordon said parking citation costs will remain the same.

“You generate more of your revenue for the people that are using (parking permits),” Gordon said. “We’d rather sell more permits up front and get more people registered.”

Gordon said it was important to the university not to change the costs of parking citations.

“When someone gets a parking ticket, it creates a very negative view of parking services and the university,” Gordon said. “Parking services needs to be financially self- sustaining,” Gordon said. “(Revenue goes to) debt payment on garage services, salaries and benefits, it goes toward the cost with Metro fees. We’re looking at providing shuttle services to Wal-Mart. We’re putting another bus on the road and maintaining the services we have.”