Jenna Yates, For The Miami Student

Construction workers on Central Quad are replacing deteriorating pavers and a steam tunnel top to prepare the area for the sundial, which is currently being repaired. (SCOTT ALLISON | The Miami Student)

A notable amount of construction is currently taking place at Miami University.

According to Laws Hall project manager Ted Christian, Laws Hall is currently going through “rehabilitation.”

“Because the building was built in 1959, Miami University tries to rehabilitate the buildings about every 40 years to make sure they’re current and energy efficient,” Christian said.

According to Christian, the rehabilitation includes the modification of Brill Science Library.

“When the project is finished, the bottom two floors of Laws Hall will be a library for science, business, engineering and psychology,” Christian said.

Senior Brad Blackwell, a business major, thinks this will be a positive change for next year’s business students.

“The business school does not have a library right now,” Blackwell said.

Having a business library for next year’s students to share with psychology, science and engineering students will be better than having none, Blackwell said.

“You won’t see it until next fall,” said Jim Clarke, an engineering librarian who works in Brill Science Library.

Brill Science Library’s move will be pretty invisible during this school year, Clarke said. Although the move does not concern the students this year, the staff is anticipating the change.

“The library staff here is very excited about the move,” Clarke said.

According to Kami Archibold, mechanical engineer and project manager at Miami, the work being done on Western campus is the third and final phase of a utility tunnel. The first phase of the construction started in 2006.

The tunnel will be used for steam distribution piping, which comes from the central steam plant behind Peabody Hall. The tunnel will also supply heat and hot water to campus buildings.

“They’re finishing up right now,” Archibold said.

According to Archibold, the work being done is site restoration.

The project that is being done in Central Quad involves replacing the pavers that were deteriorating around the sundial itself and replacing the concrete steam tunnel top that was deteriorating, said Central Quad project manager Bob Riggs.

The project is currently in its second phase. The first phase was completed by convocation, and the second phase is scheduled to be completed by Sept. 17, Riggs said.

“The sundial itself is off its pedestal right now until the project is complete,” Riggs said.

The sundial is currently in rehabilitation and sent off for repairs because there was physical damage to the artifact where pieces need to be repaired, Riggs said.

According to the Miami University Police Department (MUPD), a male subject had pulled the sundial to the ground on May 6, 2010. The subject was later arrested for criminal mischief and underage intoxication. According to police, the subject was transported to MUPD before he was taken home to Tappan Hall.

A large wooden box is located in the sundial’s place right now.

Riggs said despite the damage to the artifact, Miami will not be purchasing a new sundial, but he is unsure of when the restoration will be complete.

According to Miami archivist Bob Schmidt, the sundial was presented to Miami to commemorate its 50th anniversary. According to Schmidt, it is a centerpiece of the south campus overview.