Leslie Scott, Staff Writer

Oxford residents will soon be able to shop at Dollar Tree. The new store is being built on Locust Street and is expected to open late May or early June. The chain expects to target its core customers, married females with children and an income of about $50,000 to $60,000. (HANNAH MILLER | The Miami Student)

A new Dollar Tree store is currently under construction on South Locust Street and is planned to open in late May or early June.

“We prefer to open stores earlier in the year because seasons and holidays are very important to the company,” said Shelly Davis, spokeswoman for Dollar Tree Inc.

Although many students will not be in Oxford for the store’s grand opening, the store is not worried about making a profit. Davis said the chain just announced it hit the $5 billion mark in 2009.

Dollar Tree has chosen to open in Oxford because these stores thrive off opening in locations containing their core customer. Davis described the core customer as a married female with children and an income of about $50,000 to $60,000. However, the chain also relies on pocket customers as well.

Davis said pocket customers are other big spenders such as teachers, students and others on limited budgets.

“Many teachers use stores such as the Dollar Tree because they can buy creative items for their classes at a low price,” Davis said. “These stores contain a great mix of items that are necessities and items that are luxuries. There’s a mixture of household items and discretionary items.”

The Dollar Tree stores offer many items from food to toys to silverware.

“I can’t wait for the Dollar Tree to open up,” said Erica Norman, Miami University sophomore. “It can be a go-to place next year when I’m looking for cheap items for specific one night themed events.”

The 8,500 square foot store is considered a sweet spot by Davis. This size location is the store’s ideal. The Dollar Tree spends more money on the build out than other similar stores.

“The Dollar Tree aims to build a fast, fun and friendly experience,” Davis said. “It provides large aisles, bright inviting windows and a close walk to the parking lot.”

Not only does the store offer a place to buy items at cheap prices, it is also a new establishment that will provide employment. Davis said the store will create about 10 to 12 permanent jobs.

Davis said people can start applying now by visiting the website or another local store. If a person applies at a local store, a district manager (who is responsible for several stores within one area) can look at the application and refer that person to the Oxford store or other stores close by.

According to the last public statement the Dollar Tree gave March 22, the chain consisted of about 3,834 stores as of Feb. 27. As of Jan. 30, the state of Ohio contained 164 of those stores.

“The Dollar Tree is excited and proud to be part of the Oxford community,” Davis said.